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The Guide to Due Diligence Investigations: The Professional Approach on How to Use Traditional and Social Media Resources for Investigations

An Essential Manual for Performing Effective Online Investigations on People, Companies and anyone else you suspect of fraud.

By Cynthia Hetherington

Successful relationships in business, life or online depend on the honesty of all parties. Unfortunately we are forced to pause and wonder more than blithely believe in everything we are told. Performing thorough due diligence to discover financial problems, criminal activity and legal action can keep your personal life in check and your business activity in the black and out of litigation.

The Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations goes far beyond abstract concepts and gives a blueprint for action. "Hetherington’s methods" may be immediately integrated into operations, resulting in tremendous savings of time, effort and money.

The Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations provides the information for you to -

  • Conduct an online background on any business, person or entity, foreign or domestic
  • Hunt down online social network profiles and locate assets
  • Set up alerts for asset tracking or any type of investigation
  • Learn how to keep up with cutting edge services that are coming up daily.
  • Expose fraudulent business enterprises, locate assets, and find undercover intelligence.
  • Learn about database resources and online sources for conducting research online.
  • A demonstration of actual Web sites to utilize in their own investigations.
  • Found Online - Learn where and how your personal life ends up databases and how it is sold.

January 2015 ● $22.50 (U.S.) + shipping and handling ● 348 pages ● ISBN: 978-1889150611 ● Facts On Demand Press ● [ Add to cart ]

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