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We'd like to thank our loyal supporters for all their kind words over the years, and have chosen to share some of the select ones with you here. If you'd like to contribute to the page, please email paul@hetheringtongroup.com with your comments, and optionally; name (as you'd like it to appear), the class or seminar you took with us, and the date taken. Thank you!

I attended the most informative seminar last week. If any of you are looking to learn different avenues for investigation, you have got to attend a seminar from The Hetherington Group. This is not the seminar that will put you to sleep!!! I can research on just about anyone and anything on the internet. From lost money to people hiding, to things you didn't know existed and I can do it for free. This seminar is a MUST.
Esther Lopez New Mexico CFE Seminar September 2015

I knew people like you existed but had never met one! The content was spot on. I honestly got a little sidetracked with all of my information that was out there. I mean, I knew it was to some extent, but my VIN number?! Cynthia provided excellent information and directions on the starting point to clean that up. It sparked an interest in me and has already made me look at things differently. Thank you!
Name withheld JRIC, CA August 2015

Cynthia arms the law enforcement investigator with internet tools to assist with simple and complex investigations.
Jeffrey Vitrano, Linden Police Department HG LEO Appreciation Seminar August 2015

Cynthia Hetherington has a wealth of knowledge that seems to be suited for an entire workshop. I learned a great deal. I've been approached about providing due diligence services so this was timely.
AIIP Member AIIP Webinar July 2015

Due diligence is one of my practice specialties and I have offered that service for many years. Even so, I gleaned a new resource that I will check out. Cynthia said it was new to her and it's new to me as well. No matter how many years one has been in the field, there's always something to be learned or refreshed.
AIIP Member AIIP Webinar July 2015