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Business Background
Business Intelligence
Compliance Diligence
Asset Location
Employee Background
Credential Verification
Internet/Web Monitoring
Records Check
Security Assesment
Offline Library Research


Business Background Investigations

From the team that wrote the book on Business Background Investigations, we help discover sensitive information which often creates the negotiating platform for our clients. Our expertise includes researching information on foreign business interests, small private companies, back-grounding individuals and products. We can help locate financial sources, reputational issues and other factors that would be cause for concern.

Business Intelligence

Research and analysis focusing on the external competitive environment. Competitive information may be obtained from public or subscription sources, from networking with competitor staff or customers, or from field research interviews. All intelligence work is conducted within legal and ethical boundaries as required.

Compliance Investigative Diligence

With dozens of government mandated compliance requirements, it is difficult to manage the multiple number of third party vendors, supply chain partnerships and hired-on contractors. We offer a practical investigative service to check out the companies and individuals you are conducting business with.

Asset Investigations

Pre-law suit or post judgment, let us track down the money so that you can understand where the assets are, giving you the advantage before you go into court, or after when all you are left is holding the bill, but not the assets.

Employee Background Check and Credential Verification

With access to over 190 million consumer records, business sources, credentialing tools and other online and offline resources we can research the background of a professional, check their credentials and assist in vetting out the backgrounds of persons nationally or internationally.

Internet and Web Monitoring

Scanning the web for mentions of branding, intellectual property, personal indicators such as home addresses, credit card numbers or other personal identifiers.

Records Check and Document Delivery

Criminal, civil, motor vehicle court record checks conducted in federal, state and county, as well as municipalities. Additionally, we will scan for professional disciplinary filings and securities regulatory actions.

Internet Investigative Services

  • Brand monitoring on the Internet
  • Email, website, chat-room user disclosure

Online Personal Security Assessment

Learn everything that is available about yourself online, and then remove it.

Offline Research

Library Research The most valuable information to professionals is often not available electronically. Using learned experience and a vast network of professionals we can locate geographically hard to reach data. Additionally historically sensitive business or personnel issues can be uncovered by conducting on site and library research.

We still utilize the paper indexes to the top newspapers dating back 100 years.

Onsite Competitive Intelligence We can acquire information about your competitors such as corporate finances, selling strategies, product samples and brochures. All of our work is done ethically and discreetly.