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Newsletters 2000

Data2Know Issue 2000: Volume 1, Issue 2

Company Intelligence

In this issue of Data2Know, our main article discusses how to deconstruct a Web site for for company intelligence. Find out where to look, what to look for, and how to interpret the information you come across when searching a company’s Web site. Also included in this issue is what’s “new to the net,” a comprehensive list of sites that provide useful, updated, free, and authoritative information.

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section---find a portal for daily news on marketing and e-commerce, discover where Internet sites fostering hatred are monitored, learn about a list of numerous top international companies and their profiles, read about a free searchable database of over 50,000 documents developed by the Fire Research Information Service, get access to a great online retirement planner, and get in touch with all the latest industry-related sites.

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Data2Know Issue 2000: Volume 1, Issue 1

Hetherington Information Services

In this very first issue of Data2Know, Cynthia Hetherington and Hetherington Information Services LLC are introduced to our readers. Alongside our introductions are articles on what Hetherington Information Services LLC can provide to our clients, hoax viruses and chain letters and the sites that track them, and a list of what’s “new to the net.”

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section---read about online banking and e-commerce reports, find a site providing both hard and soft news from a British perspective, discover resources for foreign governments, learn who provides information concerning drugs/biologics and medical devices, get up-to-date with employment discrimination laws, and uncover which countries have the most (and least) Internet use.

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