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Newsletters 2006

Data2Know Issue 2006: Volume 7, Issue 2

Building and Running a Successful Research Business

In this issue of Data2Know, our writers offer a plethora of new Web sites that they found to be useful in their cases and searches. Each site is listed with its capabilities and location. Also included in this issue is an article by guest author Mary Ellen Bates, author of "Building and Running a Successful Research Business: A Guide for the Independent Information Professional." In her article, Ms. Bates discusses Kebberfegg and its ability to find RSS feeds.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---read about two sites to aid you in your legal and government investigations, uncover high quality and relevant educational resources, find out about Data2Know's big move, learn where to go for continuous searches and over 16,000 Internet sites and 70,000 RSS and Weblog sources, uncover two medical databases for journals and other publications, and discover yet another exciting branch of Google.

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Data2Know Issue 2006: Volume 7, Issue 1

Controlling Credit and ID

In this issue of Data2Know, our readers will be taken through the steps of controlling their credit and ID. Identity theft has become incredibly common and this article examines how to protect yourself from becoming another victim. This issue covers how to cover yourself in terms of the mail, the phone, the Web, and other places where identity theft could take place. This issue also contains and article by guest author Tim Koster, CEO of Pacific Information Resources Inc. dba Search Systems. Mr. Koster illustrates the informational treasure trove that can be found within recorded documents.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---discover an excellent resource for information about privacy and specific statistics, read about the market leader for German company information, read how you can get help you to protect your wealth, find a site that gets you directly to a human being at the most popular of service sites, learn what we believe should be bookmarked in every investigators favorite list, learn where to go to find out if your sent e-mail has been delivered and viewed, and locate a place to identify whether your subject has donated money to any particular US campaign.

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