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Newsletters 2008

Data2Know Issue 2008: Special Edition


In this special edition of Data2Know, after a brief hiatus, the Data2Know.com: Internet & Online Intelligence Newsletter returns to the market. This issue discusses the ins-and-outs of the Cuil.com--a Google competitor--reception. We review the search engine and divulge its strengths and weaknesses to the reader. This issue also features a review by Peter Psarouthakis of Cynthia Hetherington's book, Business Background Investigations and a research tip about broadening your search results in Google.com.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover: section---learn about a law enforcement and military analytical tool that divulges incredible recent statistics, find out about a widely-ranged New Zealand social network, discover where Data2Know learns about new Web sites, uncover a place to view syndicated shows on your computer, read about Google's newest viewing tool, and and learn about a free database of technology companies and their people and investors.

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