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Newsletters 2010

Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 6

Intellectual Property

In this issue of Data2Know, we focus on investigations of 'intellectual property' as assets. Here we dive into the untenable assets, referred to as intellectual property, and the value of performing a thorough investigation around them. Learn about the overlooked assets that get passed by when only investigating cash-in-hand or capital investments and the sources when you can begin your search for these missed clues. Learn to find intellectual property both nationally and internationally though trademarks, copyrights, and even nonconventional ownership identifiers. Learn how to make your investigations complete and fully-rounded.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---uncover data related to consumers handling banking deposit accounts, discover new sites to aid in investigations using social networks, learn about a new database which offers information on the latest Internet research and technology-related issues, read about retrieving corporate documents from the British Virgin Islands, find where over 150 billion Web page captures are stored, and discover an excellent resource of diverse technological and professional updates

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Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 5

Facebook Confessions Part 2

In this issue of Data2Know we continue our article on "Facebook Confessions" and this time we deal with cyber bullying and identity theft. Learn the steps to protecting your identity from being stolen online, as well as how to see the signs of and ward off online stalking and harassment. Read each imperative step that should be taken to protect yourselves and your loved ones in the online world, especially in social network sites.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---read about the newest updates from a favorite free online resource, find out where to uncover individual and soft money contributors, discover Canada's best legal resource, learn about the in-depth tool for investigating in Arizona, and find out how and where to identify and protect logos.

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Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 4

Facebook Confessions Part 1

In this issue of Data2Know we begin our two-part article on "Facebook Confessions." This initial Facebook issue deals with the history of the social network and social networking user caveats. Get a detailed list of what not to do or reveal on Facebook, as well as learning how to use that same list to investigate others. Read about how what once was a good thing has turned into every individual's personal reality show, which can both help and hurt us in the investigative industry.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---find out about a great source in the fields of defense, space, intelligence, homeland security, and WMD; uncover a site useful for its documents involving the military, international finance, and corporations; learn about the free way to use a fee-based investigative resource site; get the latest updates from an amazing public records database; read about a new way to research an entire state and it's statistics; and discover a new tool for image and video searching.

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Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 3

Social Networking

In this issue of Data2Know we focus on the world of social networks and the best, most strategic ways to gather the most intelligence from them. Learn how to uncover your targets on several social networking sites and the resources dedicated to helping you do so. Get step-by-step instructions on using numerous tools designed to help you search and track your subject online as well as learning how to investigate with auction Web sites. Read about all the tricks of the social networking trade and the value of conducting investigations with their aid.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---discover a place to find out about the loved ones in your target's life, get a link to a terrific article on conducting information audits, read about a new site for looking up non-profits and charities and it's new feature, uncover a database full of statistics from the Federal all the way down to the tribal body level, learn about a source for finding the producers and manufacturers of products, and learn about an instant Web search tool that can run multiple searches at once.

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Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 2

Investigating Within Facebook

In this issue of Data2Know, the method of investigating within Facebook---along with some other interesting tricks---is revealed. Learn specific techniques for the investigator using Facebook as a viable source, along with common sense, cautions, and caveats. Understand the Facebook user's mindset and how to use it to your best advantage while conducting an online investigation. Also, get a brief history on Facebook and its origins along with its addictive qualities and reasons why and how it's come to be so important in our society.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---get introduced to our newest addition to this section, "404 Not Found," which revisits sites from the past to check if they are still active and, if so, what they have to offer that's new and informative; learn about a query system for the analysis of public health data; read about a site dedicated to revealing the temperament of employees of a specific company; discover a place where one can read news briefings and interviews with military and civilian defense department officials; uncover details of publically traded companies in Australia; read a blog written by government officials in order to bring government documents and resources to the public; and get technical by researching your local air quality and the EPA's calculations of its health effects.

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Data2Know Issue 2010: Volume 9, Issue 1


In this issue of Data2Know, we dedicate most of our space to Trackle.com and how to use it to monitor online activity. Get an in-depth look at Trackle and its capabilities when it comes to monitoring a person, a topic of interest, and other specifics all over the Web. Read about how Trackle can also dig into many diverse and unique social networks that many people may not be aware of, including (but not limited to) intelligence and military social hot spots.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---read about a new site for running detailed employment background checks; discover a site designed to verify PhDs and find where a subject acquired their education; uncover a site specifically for tracking technology management partners, investors, new product lines, and capital funders for Silicon Valley customers; find a site designed to help you track down an exact IP address; read about the newest database from the CDC; and learn about a content-rich site providing reports that track finance, business, compliance, news, and much more!

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