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Newsletters 2011

Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 1

GEO-Investigation Online

In this issue of Data2Know, we focus on all the facets of online geo-investigation. Learn how and where to conduct real-time/passive and real-time/active geotracking online and all the tricks of the widely-ranged trade. We also take you into the world of geophoto-data and explain how to get behind online photos and search them for clues.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---find out the latest tool from CID, uncover another online source for image searching, read about the newest site used to track probationers and parolees from state to state, learn about a useful site to aid you in conducting the best due diligence, read about the latest site to opt-out of to protect your identity, uncover a site designed to expose thousands of organization charts and help you to perform due diligence on executives, plus get an bonus article designed to go hand-in-hand with the newsletter focused on geotagging.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 2

Open Source Searching with Maltego by Paterva

In this issue of Data2Know, read about the details of open source searching with Paterva's software, Maltego, and the wide world of trademark searches and investigations through TESS. Here, we take you through Maltego and explain how to utilize it to your best advantage when trying to locate a subject online. We also take you, step-by-step, into TESS to search trademarks and logos, and show how to best sift through them all to aid your investigation even further.

ALSO: Get informed with our "Industry Undercover" section---find out how to use GPS apps to undercover information, learn new ways to search for old news, read about the latest IACP/PERSEREC meeting, discover the latest Web site to opt-out of, find out new sites for NJ legal searches, and learn where you track your competitor online.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Spring Special Issue

Product Review: Reputation.com

Reputations, whether personal or institutional, cannot be easily scrubbed clean once a dark mark has been laid upon it, hence firms like ours and Reputation.com who are enlisted to try and quell the noise and remove or bury more sensitive postings.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 3

Securing Your Profile in Facebook

Are you certain your profile is secure with Facebook? Facebook makes it challenging to keep up with your privacy controls. The privacy policies change often and there is extensive information published regarding the settings. In this issue learn the tools to protect yourself.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 4

Analytical Models for Investigations

The following three analysis methods we incorporate into our own investigations' are reviewed here; however, there are many books and Web sites dedicated to analysis methods. My recommended reading list includes anything written by Craig Fleisher and Babette Bensoussan. Together they have published several works on applying analytical methods which are easy to follow and incredible tools for building your report writing.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 5

Medical Fraud-An Online Case Study

Every now and then a case comes through the office that astounds me. Neither the technical or scientific variety, nor investigations that require serious analysis requiring a 40+ page report, I'm reminiscing on the absolutely "I can't believe they thought they'd get away with this" foolish insurance fraudsters. Indeed at the time of this writing, I read an article about Medicare instituting a new system to combat fraud.

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Fall Special Issue

Evaluating Public Records Databases - 2011

Years ago it would have taken an investigator weeks and a great deal of financing to locate pertinent information for background checks and cases. Today there are a number of good public record vendors from which to choose. Some are at the high end of quality and price, others are favored for their unique data sets and pricing, which begs the question "Which resource to use?

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Data2Know Issue 2011: Volume 10, Issue 6

Making Cents: Locating Unclaimed Funds

Do you know all the financial details of your immediate family members? Do you know your own? Silly question though it may be, it will be an important one when it comes time to claim assets that might rightfully belong to you.

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