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Newsletters 2013

Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 1

The Many Faces of Fraud

When it comes to fraud, investigators and law enforcement professionals know that there are more than Ponzi schemes and money laundering.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 2

BRB Publications.com Free Public Record Resources

As investigators, we are now enjoying the many years of development and slow progression as counties and states continue to add new databases. Investigators are wise to keep an eye for these latest releases. For the most part, these are free and valid resources that make our job easier. Visit BRBPublications.com to find the link to Free Public Record Searches - updated links outlining all the the public records you can imagine within the United States.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Spring Special Issue

Expert techniques for finding experts

For over a decade many have considered the word "expert" a dirty word. Once you start calling yourself an expert, other are waiting in the wings to knock you down a peg, However they do exist. Many individuals have spent their life focusing on an area of interest to which they can attribute advance education and contribution.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 4

Risk Assessments Online

Have you performed a Google search on your name lately? consider this common scenario, one day a business executive decides to Google her name only to discover her home address and the names of her children all listed online in plain sight along with online offers to purchase more information about her current whereabouts and social status. The discovery is alarming and in some cases, downright dangerous, especially if the person is an individual with a high net worth, or an executive suite employee, or has a security clearance, or is in law enforcement, or is a private detective, or simply concerned about his or her privacy.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 5

Social Network Searching Summer Update

There are always new Web sites to visit and use for our investigative work. In this article, we focus on social network investigations and the latest sites - or updates to those you are already familiar with.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12,Fall Special Issue

Product Review: Copernic Agent Search Engine

Based on the website www.copernic.com the mission of Copernic, a Canadian based company, "is dedicated to providing its customers cost-effective Web and desktop search technology that enables better decision-making and increased productivity"

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 7

Counterterrorism and Social Media

As an Internet investigator, the following are tools, resources, and tips I would recommend to anyone in this field, once an event has occured and social media is available. Most importantly, the article will conclude with some shared open source services that will help to identify potentially risky behavior and negative content before an event occurs.

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Data2Know Issue 2013: Volume 12, Issue 8

Across the Ocean - Business Due Diligence in the Republic of China

How does the well-informed investigator determine if a company located in the Republic of China is reputable and free from encumbrances? In this article you will be given a systematic account of the due diligence steps necessary to answer the above question. This article examines the steps, thought processes, and online resources necessary to achieve success with business due diligence in China. The objective of our investigation is to minimize monetary and reputational risks involved with a foreign business.

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