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Newsletters 2014

Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 1

Acxiom and AboutTheData.com

Acxiom uses sophisticated business intelligence and marketing databases "to strengthen connections between businesses, individuals, and their partners" Further information on the Acxiom Web site states that they have "cutting-edge, data-oriented products and services that create better living values for their clients"

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 2

Facebook Graph Searching

In this issue learn about how Facebook announced Graph Search, a Facebook-specific search engine which allows you to search all of the things people have shared with you. If your post is set to "public" that means that anyone can find it through a Facebook Graph Search. Facebook has been steadily making changes to privacy and security controls, including changes made to app permissions, untagging and removing photos, and adding privacy shortcuts in 2012.

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Spring Special Issue

Staying Undercover Online

Did you ever want to search the Web and remain anonymous? Take a tour of Tor (acronym for The Onion Router). An article by Kim Miller explores Tor's suite of software and a network of computers that allow you to browse the Web anonymously.

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 4

Investigating with eBay

Looking for counterfeit products, stolen good, or simply a great bargain? We explore the intricacies and avenues for utilizing the veteran Web site, and other auction sites, to find leads and makes cases in our online investigations.
This issue also covers the latest social networks, media, medical and business resources for your due diligence.

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 5

Investigating with Instagram

Instagram is a smartphone application that allows for photo-sharing over social networks. Once the photo is taken, any number of filters can be applied to the photo greyscale, sepia, darker, brighter, etc.) – and significantly altered; a mini-version of Adobe Photoshop, if you will. Additionally,the image can be placed in a frame, cropping the photo down in size, and cutting out all the noise in the background. Apparently this is a lot of fun to do, because Instagram has 60 million photos uploaded every day to its service with more than 65 percent of the activity coming in from overseas (www.instagram.com/press/).

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 6 Fall Special Issue

Due Diligence with LexisNexis and WestLaw

The value of combining traditional media (e.g., news, journals, and the written word vs. social media) with online litigation searches is immeasurable. Case after case has been made thanks to finding articles with a mere mention of our subject referenced. Old court cases, no longer
accessible from county Web sites—if ever they were available—can also be located.

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 7

Primer for Due Diligence Investigations

Primer for Due Diligence Investigations will explain what due diligence is and how online due diligence can accomplish much with very little. We outline the phases of conducting proper research and the necessary skill sets that are indispensable for this work.

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Data2Know Issue 2014: Volume 13, Issue 8

Building Social Media Investigations

Building Social Media Investigations will explore the alternatives in other countries that exist aside from Facebook. It will explore the preferred social media sites, online communication methods, and popular focus of investigation for both a country and it's culture.

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