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Newsletters 2015

Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 1

Searching for Hidden Assets

Asset investigations are a difficult task, filled with surprises and pitfalls. The surprises unfortunately are outweighed by the dangers that an investigator can be lured into when conducting these sensitive investigations.

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 2

Due Diligence on the Politically Exposed Person

This article discusses the due diligence process using www.WorldCompliance.com, a robust database "of profiles of individuals and organizations that pose a potential risk to the financial system" per the Web site.

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Spring Special Issue

A Review of SnapTrends and CyberToolbelt

You are only as good as your last investigation; you need to stay abreast of the current industry tools, and stay ahead of your competition. Keeping current with Open Source Intelligence techniques requires being aware of new products and current research trends.

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 4

But Wait - I Didn't Do It!

In the United States, all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Does this mean your mugshot is removed from the Internet once you are proven innocent? Sure, if you pay a fee. Or maybe it won't be removed...

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 5

Opt-Out Online: Part 1

This article will help you understand the dark side of information. Data, at its most annoying, is a commodity with social media sites selling your Likes to data providers. Data, at its most dangerous, allows someone from overseas to obtain personal addresses and threaten families.

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Special Fall Issue

Opt-Out Online: Part 2

This issue emphasizes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, how can we prevent information from going online in the first place?

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 7

Opt-Out Online: Part 3

Despite the overabundance of information shared and sold on the Web today, a number of measures for protecting your information are available to you. Learn about these important protections and how to exercise the options they offer to you.

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Data2Know Issue 2015: Volume 14, Issue 8

Keeping Current with the Latest Investigative Tools

Agood investigator must stay abreast of current investigative industry tools. Snaptrends(www.snaptrends.com) and CyberTOOLBELT (www.cybertoolbelt.com), two tools reviewed in the Spring 2015 issue of data2know.com have, in the six months since, significantly increased their investigative capacity—enough to warrant a review update. This article will discuss the Snaptrends and CyberTOOLBELT updates, and will introduce a third investigative tool, Geofeedia(www.geofeedia.com).

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