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Newsletters 2016

Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 1

Not-so private egos: Emojis to Instagram

An overwhelming majority of online posters are now writing with imagery. They are no longer limited to words alone but can convey a thousand words with one photo. With this article, we will both use and make use of that overabundance of communication.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 2

Barbarians @ The Gate

This article’s title, Barbarians @ The Gate, refers to the threats that any security officer responsible for the safety of people, property, and reputation faces. Are you ignoring social media because it’s bad, it is too much information, or you feel you are smarter than that to use it?

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 3

Know Your Candidate

Discretion is imperative in investigative work. Locating any and all information on opposing parties is viewed as clandestine and made for TV espionage, no matter how open source and obvious the investigating may be. Kim’s accounting of her case and the client’s behavior—and most importantly, the research tactics she used—should serve as a primer for your future candidate investigation cases.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 4

Due Diligence Investigations: A Primer

Due diligence investigations give a thorough reporting about a subject, based on the client’s needs. Truthfully, an investigator is hired to bring a sense of both resolution and comfort to the client. Prior to an investigation, the client is in a state of flux; unsure, the client does not
fully know or understand the circumstances around a person, an event, or a company. An investigator is hired to conduct an investigation, producing information that will help the client be comfortable with the decisions he or she must make. It is the client’s desire to learn more that drives them to our office.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 5

FRAML Investigations

The term FRAML stands for fraud detection and anti-money laundering. Criminals committing fraud need to launder the proceeds of their crimes through the financial system. Those responsible for financial crimes must connect the dots between fraud and money laundering. Spotting possible money laundering activity might alert the investigator to possible fraud victims, and vice versa.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 6

Google & Friends for Locating Public Information

This article examines the creative searching features and offerings provided by search engines. Using these advanced techniques greatly enhances the searching of public information. Learn how to get the most out of Google; it's preferred results, operators, symbol functions, proximity searching and more.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 7

Finding Assets Online

Some of the hardest work an investigator can do is asset searches. With bank accounts and trust funds protected by
federal law, finding creative and legal methods for locating leads is definitely the way to go. This is not a comprehensive article on all the ways to search for assets. It is a primer on
how to use well known OSINT and social media resources for finding money.

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Data2Know Issue 2016: Volume 15, Issue 8

Protecting Your Image Online

With a good Google search, somebody can find where you live, discover your likes and dislikes, learn what you do with your free time, or what others might think of you. Perhaps even habits you would likely not want known, particularly by coworkers. It is a serious matter for anyone, professional or otherwise, concerned with their own personal security. Have you Googled yourself lately?

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