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Web Of Deceit: Misinformation and Manipulation in the Age of Social Media

Edited by Anne P. Mintz with Amber Benham, Eli Edwards, Ben Fractenberg, Laura Gordon-Murnane, Cynthia Hetherington, Deborah A. Liptak, Meg Smith, and Craig Thompson.

For all its amazing benefits, the worldwide social media phenomenon has provided manipulative people and organizations with the tools--and human targets--that allow hoaxes and con games to be perpetrated on a vast scale. A decade after the publication of Web Of Deception, Anne P. Mintz returns with a new teams of researchers, journalists, and subject experts to explain how misinformation is intentionally spread and to illuminate specific dangers.

Web of Deceit is essential reading for any internet user who wants to avoid being victimized by liars, thieves, and propagandists in the age of ubiquitous social media.

First Printing, 2012 ● 199 Pages 0-910965-91-9 ● CyberAge Books, an imprint of Information Today, Inc. ● This item is no longer for sale