Do you remember the speed dating craze of the 1990s? Well, we’ve brushed it off, given it a facelift, and created a fun and speedy way to gather tradecraft tips in between sessions! Now in its 5th year, tables are replaced for chat rooms featuring industry specialists sharing expertise on trending topics. Enjoy sessions throughout the 2-day conference in the comforts of your own home while you listen, learn, ask questions. When the bell rings, everyone returns to their next scheduled session.

Experts & Their Topics

Lisette Abercrombie: Facebook-Quick Tips to Still Find Information of a Closed Profile

Looking at a Facebook profile that appears not to show any information? No posts, no photos, no friends? In these 10 minutes you’ll learn some basic searches to see if they might have some information available on Facebook, shown in the ‘New Facebook’ layout.

Heather Honey: Disinformation & Social Media Manipulation

There is wide agreement among national security leaders and the intel community that disinformation and other forms of manipulation on social media pose a significant threat to our democracy. We know that disinformation can only be effective when it is consumed and spread. Unfortunately, misinformation and disinformation are spread like viruses on social media platforms by regular people who generally believe the information to be true. In this 10-minute Bits & Bytes presentation, we will discuss a few ways OSINT tools and tradecraft can be used to combat disinformation and how the amazing OSINT community can be part of the solution.

Ed Ajaeb: OSINT Tricks for the Digital Investigator

Apps, websites, and social networking communities define our everyday lives. These platforms allow us to connect, express ideas, make purchases, find jobs, and share our lives with the world. All of this digital interaction is a goldmine waiting for investigators. New and updated for 2020, learn advanced open source and social media intelligence collection techniques for a variety of popular apps, sites, and online platforms used by millions across the globe. Apply hidden OSINT methods and find out what your investigations might be missing.

Marisa Shaalan: Shedding Light on Dark Web Actors and their Real-World Identities

Dark Web activity often leaves a surface web trail. This presentation will present methods for uncovering real world behaviors through the identification and interpretation of the relationship between Dark Web narcotics vendors’ PGP Keys. The tactics discussed were developed while the presenter was supporting the US Postal Inspection Service’s Dark Web Unit.

Abbi Dobbertin: How Fivecast Detects and Monitors Extremist Activity

Utilizing world-leading Artificial Intelligence, Fivecast ONYX provides law enforcement, corporate security, and the intelligence community with unprecedented vision over the mass of data that exists in today’s digital world, enabling scanning, detection, and investigation of potential risks. For this Bits & Bytes session, we look back to the 2019 attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, to ask the questions: What OSINT opportunities were available in days prior to the attacks? As developers of world-leading OSINT technology, what did we learn? And how can we use AI-technology to complement and improve analyst tradecraft?

Amaury Fierro: Building Smart Searches

There are hundreds of tools and techniques on the OSINT universe, some of them pretty amazing and incredibly useful. However, a successful investigation cannot rely exclusively on a powerful portfolio of research weapons; it is required to tackle the problem from an analytical mindset, prioritizing time efficiency and the quality of both sources and information, in order to create an actionable intelligence product. Building Smart Searches (BSS) is a methodological approach designed to harness the best aspects of available OSINT tools while effectively identifying and avoiding the pitfalls present on any Internet research process. In this video, you will learn BSS key steps and assumptions so you can apply it immediately on your professional field.

Janiece Mondale: Comparing Google and Bing for OSINT

This presentation will focus on two popular search engines: Google and Bing. Attendees will learn when it may be better to use Bing vs. Google, the go to. Person search, image and video search, map searching, and will be discussed.

James Villeneuve: Sinking the Iceberg Analogy: Why Effective Threat Intelligence Must Desegregate Online Spaces

The surface, deep, and Dark Web have long been described as distinct segments comprising the Internet. But online threats never unfold in digital silos—and neither should OSINT strategies. As investigations become more complex and overlap more digital channels, intelligence professionals must pivot seamlessly between social media platforms, deep websites, and Dark Web content. This enables more comprehensive and efficient investigating and gathers insights that may be overlooked through a siloed approach.

Rachel Kronenfeld & Áine McCormack: Best of Company Search Engines 2020

This presentation will highlight some of best free and open source company search engines. Domestic and global search engines will be covered. A comparison of key features for each will be discussed to best aid attendees in their due diligence investigations.

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