Need company or brand alerts? Need an estimate of a privately-held company’s revenue stream?

Owler touts itself to be the “world’s largest community-based competitive insights platform” with 96% of Fortune 500 using it for insights into competitors, business deals, stock prices, and acquisitions. Owler provides over 15 million company profiles and add 65,000 new pieces of information daily.

How-To Tip

You can set up and receive company news alerts via the Owler Daily Snapshot, which is delivered at the start of your workday to your inbox. The Daily Snapshot includes information on investments, partners, competitors, customers, prospects, and companies. In testing Owler, alerts are sent regarding news, blogs, and online stories. The alerts are personalized and include a competitive graph. One example of alerts received on January 11, 2017: From Livemint “Ola names former SAB Miller executive Shalabh Seth as leasing subsidiary CEO.”

Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, CII is the founder and president of Hetherington Group, a consulting, publishing, and training firm that leads in due diligence, corporate intelligence, and cyber investigations by keeping pace with the latest security threats and assessments. She has authored three books on how to conduct investigations, is the publisher of the newsletter, Data2know: Internet and Online Intelligence, and annually trains thousands of investigators, security professionals, attorneys, accountants, auditors, military intelligence professionals, and federal, state, and local agencies on best practices in the public and private sectors.