Should you need to conduct a background check on a physician, Hg highlights two powerful databases in our Industry Undercover Cybertip of the Week!

In the United States

The Federation of State Medical Boards of the U.S. (FSMB) has a searchable database allowing you to look up a doctor’s name by state and verify their credentials. A user can determine where a physician is licensed, where a physician went to medical school, and whether a physician has been disciplined by a licensing board. The FSMB represents 70 medical regulatory boards. This is a trusted source for anyone conducting a background investigation on a physician. Additionally a great blog article regarding malpractice research by Trisha Torrey is worth a read and save.


In the Republic of Ireland

By law, all doctors and specialists are required to register with the Medical Council, the regulatory body for doctors practicing in the Republic of Ireland. The Council has an excellent registry that you can research should you ever need to investigate a doctor from Ireland. Use the Medical Council’s website database to search for a registered doctor. It will verify if a doctor is registered to practice medicine in Ireland as well as check his or her qualifications. Registration date, partial address, and education are provided—all identifiers that could be useful to your investigation. At this website, the public can also easily file a complaint against a doctor.

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