Are you conducting a due diligence investigation on a federal corporation in Canada? The Canadian government’s Corporations Canada website allows you to conduct searches on a corporate name, corporation number, a business number, province of registered office, corporation status, and governing legislation. The database excludes financial, insurance, and loan corporations as well as trust companies. If it’s a new corporation, allow for possible lag time until the transaction has been completed and uploaded to the website.

Here’s a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

Searching by name: You can type in all or part of the corporation’s name. Keep in mind that if initials or acronyms are used in the name, you may need to try variations. For example, the corporation with the name “BMW & ATT International Ltd.” can be found by searching:





But not: BMWATT

Searching by Corporation Number: Every registered Canadian federal corporate body is issued a seven-digit corporation number. You can find this on the certificate of incorporation or on Corporations Canada communiques.

BMW & ATT International Ltd. number is 771595-1.

Searching by Business Number (BN): The Canada Revenue Agency assigns the federal corporate body a fifteen-digit BN. When using the Corporations Canada website, enter only the first nine digits:

For BMW & ATT International Ltd., you would enter the bolded digits: 833821200RC0001

The results of our search on BMW & ATT International Ltd. include its registered address, the name and address of its director, annual filings, and corporate history, including name history and dates on certificates and filings.

You can purchase corporate documents at the rate of $1/page, with immediate availability or within one business day. The website notes that if you need a certified copy of a document or a document is not listed, you can make an online request by including the corporate name and the corporate document and date. Your request will be answered within five business days.

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