Connecting The Dots

In this issue of Data2Know, our main article is “Connecting the Dots,” an activity that transcends all of the investigative fields. This article focuses on the methods and tools available to investigators when it comes to being thorough and “connecting the dots” in their investigations. From free sites to fee-based resources and everything in between, Data2Know takes you through the online world and the approaches for locating associations between individuals and realizing connections between companies. This issue runs through the gamut of online tools and methods to help any level of investigator to conduct fully-rounded investigations.

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section—discover a one-stop answer site for all of your consumer needs, read about the latest place to find small clues and comments from your subjects, check out the largest registrar of US race statistics, learn about a very graphical approach to delivering headline news, uncover another robust and comprehensive search engine with a new perspective, and find out where a company ranks based on many different facets at a new available site.

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