Investigating Within Facebook

In this issue of Data2Know, the method of investigating within Facebook—along with some other interesting tricks—is revealed. Learn specific techniques for the investigator using Facebook as a viable source, along with common sense, cautions, and caveats. Understand the Facebook user’s mindset and how to use it to your best advantage while conducting an online investigation. Also, get a brief history on Facebook and its origins along with its addictive qualities and reasons why and how it’s come to be so important in our society.

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section—get introduced to our newest addition to this section, “404 Not Found,” which revisits sites from the past to check if they are still active and, if so, what they have to offer that’s new and informative; learn about a query system for the analysis of public health data; read about a site dedicated to revealing the temperament of employees of a specific company; discover a place where one can read news briefings and interviews with military and civilian defense department officials; uncover details of publicly traded companies in Australia; read a blog written by government officials in order to bring government documents and resources to the public; and get technical by researching your local air quality and the EPA’s calculations of its health effects.

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