Facebook Confessions, Part 1

In this issue of Data2Know we begin our two-part article on “Facebook Confessions.” This initial Facebook issue deals with the history of the social network and social networking user caveats. Get a detailed list of what not to do or reveal on Facebook, as well as learning how to use that same list to investigate others. Read about how what once was a good thing has turned into every individual’s personal reality show, which can both help and hurt us in the investigative industry.

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section—find out about a great source in the fields of defense, space, intelligence, homeland security, and WMD; uncover a site useful for its documents involving the military, international finance, and corporations; learn about the free way to use a fee-based investigative resource site; get the latest updates from an amazing public records database; read about a new way to research an entire state and it’s statistics; and discover a new tool for image and video searching.

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