Reddit is increasingly the social media tool best used for for tracking down savvier social media users, Dark Web matter, and items needing instant recognition. Reddit aggregates users and matter by topic, in essence focusing a conversation, and it uses crowd sourcing (the popularity algorithm) for ranking. In a world of fake news, Reddit users are quick to flesh out the random miscellaneous stories from the real content. Users are able to post comments and delete them.

But what if the deleted content might be exactly what you need for your investigation?

In her recent blog post, Karrar Haider reviews a variety of third-party tools available for reading deleted Reddit comments: CedditReSavr, UDrC (a Chrome extension), and Wayback Machine.

Haider noted that is Ceddit is the fastest way to read deleted comments. It operates the same as Reddit, so there isn’t a tremendous learning curve, if you’re familiar with the original platform. To learn more about using Reddit, keep an eye out for our future blog post, Reddit is It. The conversation feeds are the same as in Reddit, but Ceddit highlights the deleted comments in red. To read deleted comments in a specific post, replace the “r” in any Reddit URL with a “c,” and most all of the deleted comments will reappear.

To learn more about the other tools, check out Haider’s blog!