If you need to verify employment data on a resume, MarketVisual is an easy tool. You can search by company or personal name. The returned list of matches will be presented with the person’s name listed on the left and his/her associated links listed on the right. In this example, we chose the random name “Charles Barker.” A long list of people with the same name populated:

We clicked on Charles Barker, Executive of Aurora Networks, which led us to a knowledge map that graphically illustrates his connections and former places of employment, including Stanford, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Silicone Valley Communications, Inc. Clicking on Silicone Valley Communications brings us to the next level of contact, listing other personnel Charles Barker is affiliated with. A special feature of the website allows you to download the map as an image (the one without the logo is the png), export the data to Excel, email the report, or share the report by URL.


Tip: Be prudent in your number of searches: After 6 or so views, the company’s sales icon pops up and the free views disappear.

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