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Cyber Social Con 2021 –  Introduction to Open Source Intelligence

In this intermediate to advanced hands-on class taught by Cynthia Hetherington, participants will learn how to discover intelligence by investigating popular social media platforms and search engines as well as gain knowledge of new social media platforms on the horizon. During the training, you will review social media pages, learn how hashtags and images can play a role in a case, and identify further leads. Upon completion of this class, field investigators will be able to conduct social media investigations using specialized search engines and conduct a CARA Analysis: Characteristics, Associations, Reputation, and Affiliations.

Cyber Social Con 2021, hosted by The Cyber Social Hub, is an online summit covering digital investigations, cybersecurity, OSINT, e-discovery, and other legal issues with technology. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, and threats you may not have considered.  The speakers consist of industry researchers, software providers, and other industry experts.

The event is FREE and can be watched live or after the event in the replay.