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Hg’s Director of Education and Knowledge Management, Megan Munoz, will be conducting a webinar discussing Uncovering the User Behind the Username: Tools and Tradecraft for Social Media Investigations, hosted by Flashpoint.

When investigating online threats to your organization, you may need to quickly locate a social media user of interest or concern. Analyzing profiles can be challenging if the user does not reveal their real identity. In this 1-hour session, Megan will show you how to harness the OSINT tools and techniques to identify the person or group behind an unknown or anonymous username based on indicators or breadcrumbs on profiles that users leave behind. The presentation will include real case examples to demonstrate successful workflows to reveal who is behind the threatening posts.

Learning objectives include

  • Outline useful steps for identifying who is behind a username
  • Explore case examples to retain those steps
  • Introduce future challenges

Learn more and register on Flashpoint’s website here.