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Hg’s Manager of Investigations, Rachel Kronenfeld, will guide the keen OSINT investigator through what was learned over the last 12 months and what is on the horizon for due diligence investigations, background checks, social media research and monitoring, and everything from Timbuktu to Tahiti.

20/20 is hindsight. As we progress through 2021, Hg’s expert staff have culled the OSINT arena to provide insight and understanding into the most important tools, open sources, search techniques, and online monitoring services available now and provide insight into where to keep your pulse in the new decade. Upon completion of the course, field investigators will be able to
• Implement the best search techniques and resources of the last 12 months into their research, analysis, and reporting
• Identify and select the best online monitoring alert services, both free and fee-based, currently available and develop transparent reports for clients
• Become aware of new OSINT tools, techniques, services, and options in 2021
• Understand how to keep up with new search engines for investigations and research