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Email paul@hetheringtongroup.com for registration form – open to active LEO’s only


For decades, online investigators have used the Internet to track down leads, understand confounding elements of a case, and establish evidentiary trails. We are not newbies to online, open source investigations. Yet, our world has changed rapidly in recent years. Many of us spend our time digging through volumes of data with a tiny shovel in between guzzling water from a social media firehose. How to sift through the flotsam and jetsam to allow pertinent information to rise to the surface?


As if overflow of information wasn’t enough to contend with in 2020, the law enforcement officer also faces an identity crisis of sorts. We continue with our decades of expert work: Discovering evidence, intelligence, and hearsay leads, yet who exactly are we in this cyber-driven, global environment? Intelligence examiners? OSINT/SOCMINT analysts? Internet or cyber intelligence investigators?


2020 is a perfect time to refine the core skills you’ve been using from the start of your expert practice, while updating your skills portfolio to include new and trending open source techniques and resources. In this ½ day training, Hg’s OSINT investigators will introduce participants to the three layers of the Internet: Surface, Deep, and Dark. You will learn how to navigate each layer with an investigative eye through the lens of best practices.


Surface Web: Are you using the best sources possible for conducting fast and efficient research and inquiries? We will explore old and new search engines that offer up enormous amounts of content on the most open of the three layers of the web.


Deep Web: How familiar are you with the latest databases and social media search resources to gather and support your online intelligence investigations? We will dive into the Deep Web and share the best resources for finding the answers to all your investigative needs.


Dark Web: Do you have the right tools for going undercover on the Dark Web—a nefarious world of criminality, anonymity, counterfeit products, child pornography, and human trafficking?  We will examine the Dark Web, the channels used to institute private sales and exchanges, and criminal behavior and how to protect yourself while doing it.