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Hethertington Group’s President Cynthia Hetherington will be joined by Senior Advisor Cynthia Navarro at the 2022 PFIC Conference hosted at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University from September 6-9, 2022.

OSINT – The Trends & Takeaways

From traditional internet research to FinOSINT (Financial OSINT), the area of open source has grown, the followers and users have expanded, and the opportunities abound.  This session will highlight the industry use of open-source intelligence and applications that can be resourced from private investigators through corporate compliance, all the way to DoD.  Being on the cusp of a growing industry also requires users to demonstrate the moral high ground in order to establish a code of ethics, define the ‘SINTs, and the role each plays for each industry or opportunity, deciding when it’s legal, ethical, or otherwise in a new industry, to set a standard for the future of OSINT and FinOSINT alike. In the financial hunt for fraud, terrorism, and opportunists, Cynthia Hetherington, dog mom to Cayce and Ginger, works in a church, lives with fire, and dances like no one is watching; an OSINT adventurer for 30 years.

Learn more and register for PFIC 2022 at https://pfic-conference.com.