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Join Hg’s Cynthia Hetherington as she brings her experience and expertise to this panel hosted by the RANE Network.

The Biden administration has made anti-corruption a core part of its national-security agenda, with the Justice Department making sanctions evasion and export-control violations a priority of its white-collar enforcement program following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To ensure that sanctions have teeth, the DoJ will be aggressively looking at efforts around “Know Your Customer” and supply chain diligence for non-regulated entities, likening the approach to the “new FCPA.”

The new focus will have a profound effect on businesses and their efforts to comply with U.S. sanctions laws. Financial institutions will be the first entities held responsible for sanctions violations, but multinational corporations will also have to understand how sanctions regimes are going to affect their businesses. Sound due diligence on clients, supply chains, and partners will be critically important.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss this new focus and best practices for how companies can ensure compliance.