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Internet Intelligence 2-Day Training

Hg’s President Cynthia Hetherington offers a comprehensive 2-day program on Internet investigations and open-source intelligence gathering. Students will learn how to enhance their search skills to effectively use Internet resources for locating information online.

Key Learning Points:

  • Hacking Google: Learn professional skills and update your search source tool belt.
  • Social & other Search Engine Resources: Learn new search engine resources and how to properly conduct advanced Internet and social media searches.
  • Drugs and Human Trafficking Websites Online: Backpage and auction web sites are a network for human trafficking, drug trade and terrorists. Learn how to track materials stolen or otherwise sold on auction and illegal sale sites.
  • Online Background Checks: Checking for fraudulent or criminal past, including the connections between social media and public records.
  • Advanced Social Media Investigations: Explore the latest search tools popular for locating and uncovering users and their content online.
  • Dark Web Defined for Investigators: Understand what makes up the ‘dark web’ and how criminals take advantage of its anonymous nature to profit in counterfeit products, stolen goods, child pornography, human trafficking and other nefarious deeds.
  • Using Anonymity, Working Undercover for Investigators: Learn how to set up and carefully search in the social media space, without compromising your online identity.
Analysts and investigators with law enforcement at all levels will benefit greatly from this training.