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OSINT Hitlists: Best of 2022 & Into 2023, 60 minutes, 1 CEU

In OSINT investigations, eleven months can be an eternity. New apps, social media platforms, and search techniques crawl across the web at rapid speed. Are you equipped to keep up in 2023?

In Hg’s year-end hitlist, we provide OSINT investigators with the best, the worst, and the mediocre online internet tools and techniques for conducting cyber investigations. This hands-on, intermediate to advanced webinar explores new search engine resources and how to properly conduct advanced Internet and social media searches. Ripped from our own case notes and Industry Undercover tips over the last 11 months, Hg’s expert investigators have compiled their 2022 & 2023 OSINT Hitlists. In this hands-on, intermediate to advanced webinar, we delve into which OSINT resources and techniques have advanced, which have dissolved, which have 2023 relevance, and what trends we are predicting.

Upon completion of the course, field investigators will be able to

  • Implement the best search techniques and resources of 2022 into their research, analysis, and reporting
  • Identify and select the best online monitoring alert services, both free and fee-based, currently available and develop transparent reports for clients
  • Become aware of new OSINT tools, techniques, services, and options in 2023
  • Understand how to keep up with new search engines for investigations and research

All participants will receive handouts on concepts and investigative techniques.

About Hg’s Webinars

Hetherington Group’s live webinars are approved as continuing professional education credits by ACFE, NASBA, DHS, LPF, SHRM, and ASIS. Hg makes these webinars available for purchase after the live event; however, they are not approved for CEU credits with some associations (specifically NASBA).


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