Hg recently announced the promotion and hiring of three distinguished women to top leadership positions in the New Jersey-based firm: Rachel Kronenfeld, Director of Services; Christina McEvoy, Manager of Investigations; and Megan Munoz, MS, Director of Education and Knowledge Management. With this announcement, Hg has joined hundreds of corporations and organizations in taking the ParityPLEDGE®, a public commitment to interview at least one qualified woman for every open VP, C-Suite, and Board position.

We are excited to share a new 3-part blog series, which introduces our readers to each of these women. Today, we talk with Christina McEvoy, Manager of Investigations.

Ms. McEvoy joined Hetherington Group in 2022 as Manager of Investigations. In this senior leadership role, Ms. McEvoy is responsible for the management and development of the analyst team and oversees all investigations.  With over a decade of diverse intelligence experience, she performs comprehensive background investigations and enhanced due diligence, providing clients valuable insights into making sound business and personal decisions on hiring, investing, and asset management. Ms. McEvoy is a contributor to Hg’s FactSheets and blogs and presents at national conferences. Her professional expertise is in U.S. domestic public record research, including financial regulatory records, real property records, civil and criminal filings, and official government filings nationwide.

In your words, what is your role at Hg?

At Hg, I am primarily responsible for managing our investigations and intelligence teams. I supervise a team of analysts that conduct background and due diligence investigations, cyber investigations, risk assessments, risk monitoring, and more! While everyday is different, most days I am intaking new requests from established clients, providing guidance to our analyst team regarding the assignments they are working on and how they can continue to develop and enhance their skills, and ensuring that all reports being delivered to clients meet Hg’s standards of exact, precise delivery of critical intelligence. 

What goals/contributions/projects are you excited for as it relates to your position in 2023?

I’m most excited to continue working with our talented team! I hope to encourage our analysts to continue to learn and grow to see them flourish into the leaders I know they can be. Hg has had tremendous growth over the past year and have gained several new clients that I am looking forward to working with in 2023.

What is your favorite part about your role/ working at Hg?

The ability to help clients with a multitude of services – all offered in-house! Hg has access to a tremendous number of tools and databases to assist in investigation and intelligence research which ensures that our research is conducted in an accurate and timely manner.  Also being able to connect with and learn from other experts in the industry has been a highlight of working at Hg.

How has your past experience allowed you to succeed in your role at Hg? What makes you an expert?

My background in the investigations and intelligence industry has allowed for me to sit in many different seats. I started in this industry as an analyst and have grown into the expert I am today due to having excellent mentors who shared their knowledge with me. I was able to attend trainings (including Hg’s!) throughout my career to further my education as an analyst and manager. I have experience with a variety of different types of investigations which allows for me to bring a different perspective to investigative and intelligence research.  

With over twenty-five years of global experience in open source investigations and one of the first investigative firms to conduct online social media investigations, Hetherington Group develops advanced cyber investigations unique to your needs. Learn how Hg’s analysts can clear through jargon and uncover answers buried deep in open sources, social media pages, and dark web sites.