For years, Hg investigators have been compiling a list of all the places your names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and other personal data are stored online. There are over 200, and the list continues to grow. Whether you’re a cyber security professional scrubbing the web of your client’s personal information or wish to remove your own personal information, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we share with you three sites you can access and “Opt Out.”

People Background Check

People Background Check is a people search website that provides reports with personally identifiable information (aliases, address history, phone numbers, email addresses, age, and birth dates). Records go as far back as 1940 and offers daily updates. With claims of housing over 800 million records on 300 million people, it’s worth checking to see if your or your client’s data is on the site.

The website has a simple opt out process to remove personal information. Once the targeted profile is located, click on the setting (wheel) icon appearing on the right-hand side of the profile. This will bring you to a removal request box: Enter a name and email. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided with a link to confirm the information control request. Your information should then be removed from the website.

That’s Them

That’s Them publishes records for U.S. citizens based on public records. In That’s Them, we can search on street address, phone number, email address, IP address, and automobile VINs. Though not super current in its information, if you or your client has owned a vehicle or lived in a home more than five years, there will likely be a match to that record in the search results.

As this screengrab shows, additional information such as rankings for wealth score, donor score, shopping score, and others can also be obtained.

There is an opt out option on the page for easy removal from their database.


Vin.Place aggregates new vehicle purchase information from dealerships and auto insurance companies.  Their free name or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) search reveals purchase information, including customer name and address as well as vehicle specifics such as year, make, and model. Free vehicle information can also be found on similar sites such as and

Want to remove yourself from Vin.Place? This Website offers an easy opt out process. To opt out, first find your record. Then, look for the link that states submit an opt-out request towards the bottom of the page.



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