• Sock puppet accounts are mainly known to those outside the information security field as accounts used for disinformation purposes, such as swaying your opinion about a topic or a product. However, this is not the only way to use a sock puppet account. In Hg’s Summer FactSheet, up-and-coming cybersecurity researcher Dakota State University Junior, Mariel Klosterman, describes how sock puppets are used by malicious actors and OSINT investigators, types of sock puppet accounts, and how to create a sock puppet for information collection.
  • While billions of people are under stay-at-home and work from home orders, predators are taking advantage of people’s fears, anxiety, and losses at mind-numbing proportions. Children, who are now spending more time online for schooling, are targets for exploitation by pedophiles. Seniors are vulnerable from financial scams, and businesses are vulnerable from hacking, phishing, and cybercrimes. We are committed to serve the public by providing information on the latest scams, exploitation, and fraudulent activities as we are all in this together.
  • In Hg’s Spring FactSheet, Manager of Intelligence Dennis Maida and Analyst Thomas Fogle explore and analyze significant threat and risk concerns for the next 6-12 months; Ukraine/Russian War; U.S. midterm elections; the Great Resignation; supply chain; and COVID-19. Each one is unique, yet there is a connection between them all.
  • On Your Trademark, Get Set, Go! In Hg’s Fall FactSheet, Senior Analyst and Trademark Expert Jake Pennington explores Trademark use and Hg's Trademark Investigations service further in depth. He covers first use, continuous use, and last use, identifying use in commerce, and types of trademarks.
  • This past year Cynthia Hetherington had the privilege to address The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (https://cbvinstitute.com) on the topic of online and cyber investigation applications. CBV is intensely interested in work efficiency, excellent content, and the resources that can support those endeavors. Our session was a great success and was included in the CBV Journal of Business Valuation 2020 Edition. The following is an adaptation of the session and article, in hopes of providing beneficial knowledge to information professionals, accountants, researchers, and those cy­ber-curious truth seekers who, like CBV, value efficiency in their productivity.
  • Unraveling Twitter's Evolution to X: Challenges for OSINT'ers In Hg’s Fall FactSheet, Manager of Investigations, Christina McEvoy and Junior Analyst, Trista Reese investigate Twitter's recent transition to X and its implications for OSINT professionals. Explore our latest findings, data, and expert insights to remain at the forefront of current knowledge, equipping yourself with the most up-to-date information to enrich your SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) investigations.


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