• Sock puppet accounts are mainly known to those outside the information security field as accounts used for disinformation purposes, such as swaying your opinion about a topic or a product. However, this is not the only way to use a sock puppet account. In Hg’s Summer FactSheet, up-and-coming cybersecurity researcher Dakota State University Junior, Mariel Klosterman, describes how sock puppets are used by malicious actors and OSINT investigators, types of sock puppet accounts, and how to create a sock puppet for information collection.
  • While billions of people are under stay-at-home and work from home orders, predators are taking advantage of people’s fears, anxiety, and losses at mind-numbing proportions. Children, who are now spending more time online for schooling, are targets for exploitation by pedophiles. Seniors are vulnerable from financial scams, and businesses are vulnerable from hacking, phishing, and cybercrimes. We are committed to serve the public by providing information on the latest scams, exploitation, and fraudulent activities as we are all in this together.
  • Open Source Searching with Maltego by Paterva

    In this issue of Data2Know, read about the details of open source searching with Paterva’s software, Maltego, and the wide world of trademark searches and investigations through TESS. Here, we take you through Maltego and explain how to utilize it to your best advantage when trying to locate a subject online.
  • Securing Your Profile in Facebook

    Are you certain your profile is secure with Facebook? Facebook makes it challenging to keep up with your privacy controls. The privacy policies change often and there is extensive information published regarding the settings. In this issue learn the tools to protect yourself.
  • Protecting Your Image Online

    "Have you Googled yourself lately?" Not a bad line to throw out at happy hour, because it is sure to bring a few chuckles. However, this is a very serious statement to make not only to investigators, police officers and prosecutors - but anyone else concerned about personal security.
  • Deciphering Large Company Ownership

    Large companies become complicated quickly. The corporate tree is just that, a top-down view of companies and ownership. The corporate tree provides a clear understanding about the ultimate parent company. Publicly traded companies will have their corporate structures written in their annual reports. Even so, that information is not easily discerned.  
  • Inside Secrets of Media Research - Part 1

    With 24 hour news, press releases, videos, interviews, Web releases, and company announcements, almost everyone seems to get his or her chance at 15 minutes of fame, and that translates into hours of saved research time. Researching news in databases, through paper indexes, or by instant alerts, is a skill that is different fro traditional investigations. Many investigators do not delve deep enough into the news for relevant stories or potential connections; yet the news is exactly where to find many leads.  

    Inside secrets of Media Research - Part 2

    Being able to locate leads from 1950s news indexes will earn you the right to claim your favorite chair in the reference section of your local library; however, you need to understand today's technology and how it quickly brings braking news to your attention. This is especially important because you can not underestimate the value of news for investigations. So many cases are handled in a short time because of what is reported in the media.
  • Across the Boarder - Due Diligence in Mexico

    How does the savvy investigator determine if a Mexican company all its principals are reputable and free from any encumbrances? We'll give you the step-by-step of due diligence searches inside the Mexican borders. You'll learn that even the small investigative firms can effectively tackle this seemingly daunting task.  
  • Product Review: Copernic Agent Search Engine

    Based on the website www.copernic.com the mission of Copernic, a Canadian based company, "is dedicated to providing its customers cost-effective Web and desktop search technology that enables better decision-making and increased productivity."
  • The Many Faces of Fraud

    When it comes to fraud, investigators and law enforcement professionals know that there are more than Ponzi schemes and money laundering.  


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