• Barbarians @ The Gate

    This article’s title, Barbarians @ The Gate, refers to the threats that any security officer responsible for the safety of people, property, and reputation faces. Are you ignoring social media because it’s bad, it is too much information, or you feel you are smarter than that to use it?  
  • Professional's Review of Public Record Aggregators

    The collection of available public record aggregators span a range—from quick, no-nonsense, pay-as-you-go websites to high-end subscription services (that require compliance with Federal laws). The services reviewed here are useful for the investigative industry, including private investigators, bounty hunters, collection agents, law enforcement, fraud, and compliance research. For any of these specialists, choosing where to invest your database budget is a serious consideration: the results of these services have a direct impact on your cases—and you get what you pay for.    


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