• Facebook Graph Searching

    In this issue learn about how Facebook announced Graph Search, a Facebook-specific search engine which allows you to search all of the things people have shared with you. If your post is set to "public" that means that anyone can find it through a Facebook Graph Search. Facebook has been steadily making changes to privacy and security controls, including changes made to app permissions, untagging and removing photos, and adding privacy shortcuts in 2012.

    Due Diligence on the Politically Exposed Person

    This article discusses the due diligence process using www.WorldCompliance.com, a robust database" of profiles of individuals and organizations that pose a potential risk to the financial system" per the Web site.
  • A Review of SnapTrends and CyberToolbelt

    You are only as good as your last investigation; you need to stay abreast of the current industry tools, and stay ahead of your competition. Keeping current with Open Source Intelligence techniques requires being aware of new products and current research trends.  

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