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    Save 20% on this 14-webinar package; covering the most important aspects of cyber investigations: social media searching, the Dark Web, due diligence, ethics, and much more!
  • While there are no steadfast rules, a qualified expert witness must have professional knowledge that will aid judges and juries in assessing technical facts presented in a case. When determining whether a potential expert witness would pass muster, investigators review data confirming (or not) the person’s skill level, proficiencies, education, work history, and certifications. An OSINT investigator needs search tools that go beyond the generalized Google resource.
  • In this intermediate to advanced class, participants will receive hands-on training on how to conduct investigations on social media platforms without compromising their online identity, gain tools for working online undercover, and understand how to avoid exposure when researching subjects online.
  • Investigating social media networks is more complex than it appears. This presentation will explain the best ways to search social media and how to use the focused social media search engines that identify and uncover social media profiles and their content. You will learn how to locate information, document your discovery, determine how it plays into your case, and understand how to follow leads. You will also look at trending issues in social media and how investigators can anticipate and work in a constantly changing environment.

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