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The Starter Package provides access to the newsletter and the Manual to Online Public Records book – save 20% off buying them separately.


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As an added benefit, subscribers get access to our Opt Out Index containing over 200 active links to assist you in getting your private data off the Internet. From Abika to ZoomInfo, we’ve got you covered!


The Manual to Online Public Records: A Researcher’s Tool to Using Online Resources of Public Records and Public Information (4th Edition)

By Mike Sankey & Cynthia Hetherington

  • Site Evaluation! How to evaluate online sites and online vendors; how to spot “red flag” sites with little value.
  • Tap Into Social Networks! Discover advanced strategies to search Social Network sites for hard-to-find public information.
  • Insider Secrets! Learn the best online resources by topic with Insider Searching Tips.
  • Comprehensive! 14,000+ direct government sources of public records at the county, state and federal level.
  • Find Private Sources! The nation’s elite public record vendors are conveniently categorized to help you find the right source.


Sale ends November 30th.