OSINT Skills: 2 Newsletters + 3 Recorded Webinars


Save 20% on this package to bring your OSINT skills and knowledge to the next level! Includes reading and recorded webinar material covering how to use social media and search engines to your advantage, an overview of the best resources for international background checks, and more!




DNA: The New Open Source

This article examines how the growing trend of DNA testing can help the investigator, but also may be a damaging unwanted intrusion on personal privacy. We discuss how to protect yourself and how to remove any DNA you have left behind.

OSINT for the Coming Year

This article examines the tools we’re looking at for 2021 to further improve our investigative skills and to keep our OSINT community current on the latest resources.

Recorded Webinars

International Background Checks, 60 minutes (September 17, 2020)

International background checks and due diligence are vital for business success and management. In this hands-on, intermediate to advanced webinar, we will review available databases and open sources for a variety of countries to conduct international due diligence and background checks.

Online Image Tracking & IP Tracing, 60 minutes (April 15, 2021)

An important open source skill is understanding how to track down the owner of a website, photo, copyrighted image, or other types of electronic documents. These specialized search techniques are invaluable to asset investigations. This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to unique search tools for tracing images and IP addresses.

Domestic Background Checks, 60 minutes (March 25, 2021)

Determining whether a person is void of a fraudulent or criminal past is one of the hallmarks of background investigations. There are many reasons a client requests a background check—potential business opportunities, job offers, and personal relations, to name but a few. In this intermediate to advanced hands-on webinar OSINT investigators learn to utilize databases, free resources, and techniques for uncovering a person’s history.

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