Hauziz is a reverse address search website for both residential and business addresses. The site claims to have data for every address in the country dating back ten years and includes property owners, tenants, and other record details such as sales or tax assessments. Hauziz removes only individual information and does not remove information regarding an address or business.

How-To Tip

To remove an individual listing, enter the person’s full address in the search bar on the homepage. A new page will open up with one or more listings. Click on the one pertinent to your search, which will open a new window. Confirm your individual’s name, then click on the green Control Information link. Removing Your Listing instructions will appear. The individual is removed within 48 hours. To remove more than one individual, use a separate email address. Using that method, we have not had an issue removing information. However, Hauziz notes that since its databases are automatically updated from third-party sources, the information may repopulate, so they encourage checking periodically to ensure content is removed.

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