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Thank you for joining us for the Social Media Investigations & Monitoring webinar. Slides and certificates will be generated and emailed in the next day or two, once Webex has verified attendance.

We’d appreciate you taking a brief exit survey, to let us know how we are doing and what we can improve upon for you for the future – Take Survey – As a sign of our gratitude you will receive a coupon code for a discount towards a Hg product.

There is no webinar in October while we break to execute our OSMOSIS 2018 Conference

Our next webinar, on November 8th, is Dark Web Undercover.  The dark web has the star quality of a Hollywood movie, but in reality, it’s a den of inequity operated by the technically sophisticated. The more “google’ized” we’ve become as investigators, the less we understand what’s going on behind the scenes and how to operate in this nefarious world. This class will introduce the dark web and channels used to institute private sales and exchanges.

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We hope you join us again in the future!