We open our arms to cooler weather, leaf peeping, children’s voices on playgrounds again, and a discounted offer to our colleagues and followers! Check out our expertly curated and always available training content to help you hone your tradecraft skills. Our themes this fall are Social Media Investigations, OSINT Skills, Due Diligence and Business Intelligence, and Dark Web Skills. We have designed the packages to include a combination of recorded and upcoming live webinars along with our Data2Know newsletters that provide timely and detailed information on how to navigate the ever-changing digital world as analysts and investigators.

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Social Media Investigations: 3 Newsletters, 2 Recorded Webinars + 1 Live Webinar

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TikTok: An OSINT Tool of Today’s Youth

This article examines the quickly growing Chinese app and how from an open source intelligence perspective, this novelty app provides researchers and investigators with a plethora of knowledge and useful information.

Social Media Investigations: Documenting and Reporting

If you or your team is conducting social media investigations, you’ve likely spent an exhaustive amount of time learning how to search for, collect, and analyze information from social media profiles. In this article learn how to carefully and accurately document those findings for comprehensive report writing.

Social Media: How to Take Control

At some point we’ll need to gain access to an abandoned social media account. Whether to gather photos of a lost beloved family member; or to view a final video that might shed light on an accident; or because we simply forgot which ex-girlfriend’s name was set as the password. Áine McCormack is HG’s in-house specialist on access-gaining requests. Her Data2Know.com article reports on how to get the recovery job done.


LIVE: November 18, 2021 – Social Media Investigations & Monitoring, 60 minutes, 1 CEU

Online investigations often require more than a surface exploration of social media accounts. How to dig into a subject’s social media activity and how to monitor content are at the heart of this hands-on intermediate to advanced webinar. Updated quarterly to keep investigators at the fore of social media trends, this session spotlights the brightest and best in social media monitoring for protective intelligence.

Recorded Webinar: Social Media Searching, 60 minutes – February 18, 2021

As an investigator, social media platforms and search engines are important tools for tracking down facts and following leads. This intermediate to advanced hands-on webinar expands your general knowledge of social media platforms and search engines by exploring the latest trends in this ever-evolving medium for communication and the dissemination of information.

Recorded Webinar: Advanced Social Media Investigations, 60 minutes – June 17, 2021

Is unlocking the doors to conducting comprehensive investigations on multiple social media platforms one of your 2021 goals? If so, this advanced, hands-on webinar is your ticket to increasing your knowledge and honing your open source skills. Focus will be on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, among others.

OSINT Skills: 2 Newsletters, 3 Webinars 

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DNA: The New Open Source

This article examines how the growing trend of DNA testing can help the investigator, but also may be a damaging unwanted intrusion on personal privacy. We discuss how to protect yourself and how to remove any DNA you have left behind.

OSINT for the Coming Year

This article examines the tools we’re looking at for 2021 to further improve our investigative skills and to keep our OSINT community current on the latest resources.


Recorded Webinar: International Background Checks, 60 minutes – September 17, 2020

International background checks and due diligence are vital for business success and management. In this hands-on, intermediate to advanced webinar, we will review available databases and open sources for a variety of countries to conduct international due diligence and background checks.

Recorded Webinar: Online Image Tracking & IP Tracing, 60 minutes – April 15, 2021

An important open source skill is understanding how to track down the owner of a website, photo, copyrighted image, or other types of electronic documents. These specialized search techniques are invaluable to asset investigations. This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to unique search tools for tracing images and IP addresses.

Recorded Webinar: Domestic Background Checks, 60 minutes – March 25, 2021

Determining whether a person is void of a fraudulent or criminal past is one of the hallmarks of background investigations. There are many reasons a client requests a background check—potential business opportunities, job offers, and personal relations, to name but a few. In this intermediate to advanced hands-on webinar OSINT investigators learn to utilize databases, free resources, and techniques for uncovering a person’s history.

Due Diligence & Business Intelligence: 4 Newsletters, 2 Recorded Webinars + 1 Live Webinar

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International Resources

International research requires global tools and this issue is packed with resources, tips and tricks for the investigator searching for those foreign finds. You can’t expect to be an expert in every country in the world, but it is helpful to know the people who are, and tactics that work on a global scale.

Business Intelligence for Open-Source Research

Regardless of your investigative ability, learning the tactics to research and conduct due diligence analysis, with a critical thinking approach, will empower you with the information to make proactive decisions in life and business.

Verifying Companies with No Facts to Fact Find

When reviewing the authenticity of an enterprise, the investigative instinct is to gather more identifiers, ask more questions, and understand the purpose of the company for their investigation. Yet, sometimes that ready data isn’t available. This issue will look at ways to obtain that vital data from a limited starting point.

Due Diligence for Compliance

This past year has brought about a great deal of change in due diligence requirements for compliance regulations. This article looks at the impact that the CFIUS and FIRRMA had on an investigator’s practices and available tools.


LIVE December 16, 2021 – Global Due Diligence, 60 minutes, 1 CEU

In today’s global marketplace, investors must adhere to multi-national compliance regulations. The nimble financial analyst provides compliance-based intelligence based on top foreign corporate databases and country-specific social media platforms. In this course, we will review how to conduct international due diligence and background checks based on available databases and open sources in a variety of countries.

Recorded Webinar: Advanced Online Due Diligence, 60 minutes – March 25, 2020

Online due diligence investigations examine the backgrounds of corporate entities and the principals who manage them. Regardless of your investigative ability, learning the critical thinking tactics to research and conduct due diligence analyses will enable you to arm your clients with the intelligence they need to make proactive decisions in life and business. This class will explore the databases, Web sites, and Internet resources required to locate difficult information on companies, their assets, and the people that run them.

Recorded Webinar: Media, Open Sources and Private Tools for Due Diligence, 60 minutes – February 20, 2020

News, cheap databases, and public records provide 70% of an OSINT investigator’s leads and cyber intelligence. This intermediate to advanced webinar will help you leverage the best media, open sources, and private tools, so your due diligence investigation unearths all your client needs to make key decisions with confidence.

Dark Web Skills: 1 Newsletter, 1 Recorded Webinar + 1 Live Webinar

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The Dark Web: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

The Dark Web is a platform of nefarious content: Entering with the right knowledge and skills is imperative, because much of what you see you’ll never be able to unsee, although you’ll wish you could.


LIVE September 16, 2021 – Dark Web Primer, 60 minutes, 1 CEU

How well-equipped are you to follow a lead and enter the Dark Web? Is your computer secure? Your identity protected? Do you know directory structures? Can you speak Tor and Tails? With hackers and cyber terrorists at an all-time high, now is the time to beef up on your Dark Web cyber skills. This intermediate to advanced hands-on class will examine the Dark Web, the channels used to institute private sales and exchanges, and inform you of how to conduct investigations safely.

Recorded Webinar: Your Digital Footprint – Online & Off, 60 minutes – May 20, 2021

Many social networks and online information sources allow the subjects of searches to see who has been searching them or provide some obvious clues as to who is looking at their information. This intermediate to advanced webinar provides tools for how to work undercover online, while adhering to ethical standards and laws.

About Hg’s Webinars

Throughout the year, Hetherington Group offers monthly live webinars on current investigative tactics involving social networks, search engines, due diligence, the dark web, and other related topics. Participants should have some basic experience of the topic, as all programs are offered at an intermediate level, unless otherwise noted.

All Hg training classes are approved as continuing professional education credits by ACFE, NASBA, DHS, LPF, SHRM, and ASIS. Individuals will earn continuing professional education credits for attending the live webinar. These webinars are also available after the live event; however, they are not approved for CEU credits with some associations (specifically NASBA).

All participants will receive handouts on concepts and investigative techniques. Webinars are at 2pm ET unless otherwise stated.

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