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Meet Cynthia

April 4, 2017
NBSC Webinar - 1pm ET
Investigating Stolen Pharma

April 6, 2017
International Factoring Association
Online Monitoring Tools
Fort Worth, TX

April 11, 2017
Retail Industry Leaders Association
Internet Investigations
New Orleans, LA

April 13, 2017
HG Webinar - 1pm ET
Business Due Diligence Online

April 21, 2017
Media & Entertainment Working Group
Social Media Security Abroad
Los Angeles, CA

May 4, 2017
NBSC Webinar - 1pm ET
Investigations online: Surface, Deep and Dark Web

May 5, 2017
Dallas Area Chapter of the ACFE
Ethics Online: Practicing Legitimate Online Investigations
Plano, TX

May 19, 2017
AIIP 2017 Annual Conference
Knowledge Leaders on the Road
New Orleans, LA

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Hetherington Group is a consulting, publishing, and training firm focusing on intelligence, security, and investigations. With over 20 years’ experience conducting investigative due diligence, corporate intelligence, Internet and online investigations we have formulated methodologies that are based on experience and subject expertise.

Hetherington Group offers training in open source and online intelligence and advanced practices for conducting research to corporate security officials, military intelligence units, and federal, state, and local law enforcement .

We also publish the Data2know.com: Internet & Online Intelligence Newsletter for investigators and security professionals, and provides one of the industry’s most trusted private investigative services, geared toward the private business sector.

Hetherington Group founded the OSMOSIS Institute in 2015, the host organization of the annual OSMOSIS Conference, which provides Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) insights and due diligence investigation training, from some of the most recognized social media and open source trainers in North America.

Media and Highlights

January 24, 2017 - Podcast - Effective Due Diligence in Public Records Investigations
Free Podcast Courtesy of Thomson Reuters:
What challenges do investigators face in 2017? How do you evaluate shifting resources? Is trained expertise necessary? Where does the need for scrutiny meet the right of privacy? What about social media?

In a 12-minute podcast, expert investigators Cynthia Hetherington from Hetherington Group and William Barth from Thomson Reuters share how investigators can become better at:

Allocating resources across growing needs
Understanding changes in evolving laws
Discerning where the holes are and what's missing
Balancing the need for speed with absolute accuracy
Knowing what to do when "things don't look right"

Listen here

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December 28, 2016 - OSMOSIS Speaker Submissions
Speaker submissions for OSMOSIS 2017 are now being accepted. Please complete the form, available here, for consideration!

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December 19, 2016 - 2017 Webinar List Announced
The full list of the monthly HG webinars is now available and registration is open! Check out the list now: 2017 Webinar List

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