Financial Sector: Enhanced Services Suite

Delivering an enhanced suite of tailored services for vetting multi-million-dollar ventures.

From the team who wrote the seminal books, Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations and Business Background Investigations

With twenty years of global experience uncovering information on foreign business interests, small private companies, and backgrounding individuals and products, Hetherington Group offers real-time company data and intelligence on companies, their principles, shareholders, employees, structure, and products in an enhanced suite of services tailored for the financial sector.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Hg’s experts excel at uncovering information on domestic and foreign businesses, start-up ventures, corporations, and principals and products, including the parties they work with, the vendors and suppliers they associate with, and the entities that manage their assets. Financial, legal, and reputational information discovered during our enhanced due diligence investigations helps you understand people and organizations of interest, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our investigators begin by working with you to understand your specific needs and then get to work researching and analyzing preliminary due diligence data across a variety of platforms, including non-traditional Internet resources, social networks, government databases, media coverage, and litigation and public records. We summarize our findings in a report, and, if the data are sufficient, you’re ready to venture forward.

If our initial investigation reveals the need for a deeper dive, we move onto deeper analysis.

In our boots-on-the ground stage, our expert analysts will contact references and send record retrievers to compile data wherever the person lived or worked—a step that ensures all public records have been secured and analyzed.

Business Intelligence

In today’s global marketplace, companies and investors need to know what their clients expect from them five years and beyond. Whether you’re looking to find a new partner, acquire a business, or understand the supply chain for a new venture, our enhanced business analysis empowers you to establish forward thinking budgets and marketing plans to meet the demands of your customers, stockholders, and financial backers.

During Hg’s enhanced business intelligence investigations, our experts focus on your external competitive environment—major/minor competitors, vendors, and supply chains—tracking down financial sources, legal filings, and reputational issues from over 100,000 foreign and domestic resources, including the Internet, social networks, government databases, media coverage, and litigation records to provide a realistic portrait of your competitive landscape.

Investment Asset Investigations

Occupational fraud is one of the greatest threats to a company’s financial security. Billions of dollars are lost each year due to asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud. The laxer the fraud controls, the greater the median loss. Hg’s investigators have successfully recovered assets totaling in the millions. Hg’s Certified Fraud Examiners have a history of working in conjunction with and training members of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and state and international securities commissions.

Hg’s examiners conduct complex asset investigations to assist in litigation matters, locate terrorist funding, find hidden money or property, and recover money from fraudulent business scams and schemes. We listen to your concerns and research hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic resources to provide you the data you need to protect your assets and recover those you’ve lost.

Enhanced Background Checks

Hetherington Group crafts our enhanced background investigations around the needs of our clients. Whether you’re identifying a silent partner or business ownership or question the credentials of a potential hire, there’s no better way to make a critical decision than knowing you’ve received a thorough and accurate background report from a trusted and proven investigation firm.

With access to over 190 million foreign and domestic consumer records, our experts excel at uncovering information on foreign business interests, privately- and publicly-held companies, and backgrounding individuals and products. Our open and transparent investigations enable you to make sound business decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your subject’s credit history, reputation, financial stability, credentials, and compliance. Information discovered during our enhanced background investigations empowers you to remain risk averse and keep safe what’s most important to you.

Experienced Interviews & Profiles

When examining your potential investment opportunities, Hg’s expert advisers employ interviewing techniques that reveal far-reaching intelligence on hedge funds, private equities, and corporations; their principles, investment managers, and employees. Our focus: To assess whether the targeted subject has developed a legal, ethical, and fiscal track record that can be replicated in your future business relationship.

Our interviews are conducted onsite and serially over a pre-determined period of time to probe leadership, the team, philosophical beliefs, tools, procedures, and systems. During this period, our analysts administer Hg’s Due Diligence Questionnaire, review offering documentation, regulatory filings, past audited financial statements, and past and current correspondence.

Upon concluding our interviews, Hg’s analysts categorize the data into profiles by conducting a statistical analysis of the targeted subject’s performance record, sector and single-name sizing proclivities, potential use of leverage, variations in overall portfolio beta tilt, how prior returns were produced, the embedded risks taken, and whether growth and returns can be attributed to beta or past macro-environmental attributes or true alpha attributes of the investment manager’s overall approach and skill set.

Noteworthy Engagements

  • Investigated the backgrounds of Bernard Madoff’s claimants for Securities Investor Protection Corporation.
  • Established first use of product design and trademarked images as seen on the Internet for trademark litigators.
  • Supported the liquidators of Stanford Financial Group, a fraudulent financial company operating from Antigua.
  • Determined identity and provided additional data that resulted in the arrest of an employee accused of embezzling almost $1 million from a global organization. Research and analysis resulted in recovering $600,000.

Hg delivers comprehensive, enhanced reports to empower you to make sound decisions in life and business.

At the conclusion of each project, we will deliver an enhanced report with key findings and recommended next steps that summarize the vital issues pertaining to the subject of our investigation. The core material of the report will be the substantiating documentation that was discovered during the course of our research and analysis.