Adam Scarisbrick, Senior Instructor & Curriculum Developer


As a Senior Instructor, Adam develops and delivers OSINT courses catering to various disciplines. Adam is passionate about identifying clients’ needs and has extensive experience providing tailored course material that aligns with industry certification standards. He profoundly understands the sensitive nature that can arise from conducting OSINT investigations and works hard to ensure his students practice safe digital collection techniques. Adam believes OSINT combines knowledge and multiple skills with software as effective as the analyst. Therefore, he teaches OSINT from a tool-agnostic perspective and empowers his students to manually replicate what their automation does if their software becomes unavailable.

Adam brings over a decade of course development leadership to Hg within the defense sector. Through determination and collaborative efforts, he has developed leading course material to certify and professionalize the investigative skills of over six hundred students. He is well versed in the dynamic nature of US and foreign based problem sets including logistics, insurance fraud, counter-narcotics, human trafficking, counterterrorism, and due diligence investigations for vetting potential business partners. Adam served in the US Army on active duty from 2009-2020 in communications and special operations.