Interested in a career at Hg?

We are continuously reviewing applications for consideration on a regular basis for the following position(s):

Senior Analyst, Investigative Team 

Candidates should possess working knowledge of major compliance, regulatory, and privacy laws for investigators both domestically and internationally. Some responsibilities for this role include but are not limited to conducting specialist research and analysis from public records and open source information in support of business due diligence and other investigative projects, contributing to background investigations, legal and compliance investigations, due diligence, asset investigations, cyber investigations, and business intelligence, and producing accurate reports for clients that clearly summarize information from multiple sources into concise, analytical assessments with support material.

Analyst, Investigative and Open Source Intelligence

A candidate in this position would be responsible for foundational work in risk assessment and removal, monitoring, social media/cyber, and background investigations for clients. Using expert collection techniques and platforms, they conduct extensive database and internet research and removal of exposed personally identifiable information (PII). Analysts also support investigations on people and organizations using public and private databases, open-source and specialized resources.

Sales Manager, Operations

As the Sales Manager for Hetherington Group, you will be pivotal in building and leading our inaugural sales team. You will be a front-line manager to a group of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) responsible for outbound prospecting and pipeline generation. You will be responsible for 1:1 coaching and mentoring, developing strategy, and working closely with leaders across Sales, Marketing, Product, and the executive team to drive positive outcomes for this segment. As a key member of the sales leadership team, you will have the opportunity to help build and refine HG’s sales development process.

Bookkeeper / Office Manager, Operations

The Bookkeeper maintains financial records, including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. The role involves working closely with our accounting team to create and analyze financial reports, ensure compliance with legal requirements, process accounts payable and receivable, and manage invoices and tax payments.