Consulting Services

Offering expert and fact witness testimony, specialized research for litigation support, best practice audits, and unique research.

Hetherington Group’s analysts provide subject matter expertise and consultation in the development and/or application of information and intelligence based systems information.

Our Services

  • Expert and Fact Witness Support & Testimony
    We can serve as witness to an event or offer credentialed opinion in a court of law, depending on the nature of and our involvement in your legal matters.
  • Inhouse Database Best Practices
    We review your database, provide inhouse training, and deliver a follow-up report of our findings.
  • Historical and Library Research
    The most valuable information to professionals is often not available electronically. Using learned experience and a vast network of professionals, we can locate geographically hard to reach data. Additionally, historically sensitive business or personnel issues can be completely offline to investigators. We still utilize the paper indexes to the top newspapers dating back 100 years.
  • Database and Research Retrieval
    Criminal, civil, motor vehicle court record checks conducted in federal, state, and county, as well as municipalities. Additionally, we will scan for professional disciplinary filings and securities regulatory actions.