With over twenty-five years of global experience in open source investigations and one of the first firms to conduct online social media investigations, Hetherington Group develops advanced techniques specific to our clients’ needs. As a leader in open source intelligence gathering, Hg offers expert investigative consultation as well as accredited training to industry professionals across the country.

Due Diligence

Exposing financial risks, reputational issues, criminal activity, and legal actions detrimental to your personal and business stability.

Asset Investigations

Locating money, funding sources, hidden assets, and forfeited or missing resources critical to your business decisions and family legacy.

Business Intelligence

Obtaining external data on marketplace trends, competition, and supply chains to give you the competitive edge you need to excel in today’s global economy.

Background Investigations

Researching the backgrounds and credentials of foreign and domestic organizations and individuals to empower you to make sound business decisions.

Consulting Services

Offering expert and fact witness testimony, specialized research for litigation support, best practice audits, and unique research.

Cyber Investigations

Clearing through jargon and uncovering answers buried deep in open sources, social media pages, and dark web sites.

Digital Vulnerability Intelligence

Safeguarding individuals and their families by assessing their points of vulnerability online and removing their personal information that puts them at risk.

Risk Monitoring

Scanning social media platforms, surface, deep, and dark web mentions of personal identifiers, your brand, and intellectual property to keep you safe from online predators, protesters, and hackers.


Offering training in advanced Internet and social media investigations, online ethics and best practices, online monitoring tools, fraud examinations, and open source intelligence searching.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Clear, concise, & decisive investigations to minimize client costs, risks, and delays.

Financial Sector: Enhanced Services Suite

Delivering an enhanced suite of tailored services for vetting multi-million-dollar ventures.