Jake Pennington, Senior Analyst


Mr. Pennington joined Hetherington Group as a Senior Analyst. He excels at planning and executing complex, global investigations that enable brand owners of all sizes—from entrepreneurs to the world’s largest corporations—to clear, assert, defend, or acquire intellectual property rights. His intelligence reporting and analysis assist attorneys and their clients in clearing the landscape for new brand identities, asserting territorial ownership, and defending trademarks against unauthorized third party infringement.

Mr. Pennington is a contributor to Hg’s training and educational services including FactSheets, blogs, and webinars. With over a decade as an Intellectual Property Investigator, Mr. Pennington has been trusted to protect trade secrets and intellectual property for Fortune 50 and Big 5 tech companies. He brings to Hg his breadth and depth of knowledge of operations and operating environments across every sector of the economy and nearly all industries, and the jurisdictional laws, regulations, or other areas governing them. From 2012 – 2022, he served as an IP investigator at The Treadstone Group, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Furman University (2009).