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Throughout the year, Hetherington Group offers monthly live webinars on current investigative tactics involving social networks, search engines, due diligence, the dark web, and other related topics. Participants should have some basic experience of the topic, as all programs are offered at an intermediate level, unless otherwise noted.

All Hg training classes are approved as continuing professional education credits by ACFE, NASBA, DHS, LPF, SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP, and ASIS. Individuals will earn continuing professional education credits for attending the live webinar. These webinars are also available for purchase after the live event; however, they are not approved for CEU credits.


Single Webinars: 60-minute Webinars, 1 CEU: $69; 90-minute Webinars, 2 CEUs: $95

Search Resources Webinar Package: $247.50 (10% discount)

Annual Hg Webinar Package: $906.40 (20% discount)

Ethics Online, 90 minutes, 2 CEUs, 2pm ET.

December 6: Everyday an investigator, attorney, or accountant appears in the news for crossing the line using the Internet to research, contact, or connect with their target. They find themselves using technology workarounds, finding holes in the system, or outright hacking to gain information. As an investigator, you need to abide by the law. This seminar will discuss the current laws and acceptable practices and pitfalls that can occur in your investigation. This is targeted to professionals who want to ensure their investigations are legally and ethically conducted. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Google Beginner to Pro, 60 minutes – January 11, 2018

The ability to uncover information on the Internet is the primary skill of an online investigator. The go-to resource for many is Google, yet not everyone knows how to utilize its full potential. Learn how to maximize your Google searches, as we cover the basics, the hacks, and extra Google resources to create proper search strategies and run advanced Internet searches. Please note only live Hg webinars are approved for CEUs. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Dark Web Primer, 60 minutes – February 8, 2018

Understand what makes up the dark web and how criminals take advantage of its anonymous nature to profit in counterfeit products, stolen goods, child pornography, human trafficking, and other nefarious deeds. This class will introduce the dark web and the channels used to institute private communications, sales, and exchanges. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Due Diligence and Public Records, 90 minutes – March 8, 2018

This rich and informative webinar will cover the steps needed to conduct true due diligence, whether public or private, foreign or domestic. This class focuses on completing a due diligence report utilizing a wealth of information: public records, legal filings, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and open source material. We examine professional fee-based tools and available free resources to understand their functionality and limitations. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Social Media Searching: 60 minutes – April 19, 2018

Investigating social media networks is more complex than it appears. This presentation will explain the best ways to search social media and how to use the focused social media search engines that identify and uncover social media profiles and their content. You will learn how to locate information, document your discovery, determine how it plays into your case, and understand how to follow leads. You will also look at trending issues in social media and how investigators can anticipate and work in a constantly changing environment. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Domestic Background Checks: 90 minutes – May 24, 2018

Consider you might be involved emotionally, financially, or personally with someone you’ve met through social media or an online dating site, but you don’t know if they have a fraudulent or criminal past. Rich with sources, this how-to instructional teaches the ins and outs of conducting online investigations of an individual, whether it’s to locate the background of potential suitors, new hires, or the people next door. This webinar will help you discover databases, free resources, and techniques for locating a person’s history. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: International Background Checks, 60 minutes – June 8, 2018

International due diligence is vital for business success and management. It can be a straightforward task, if you know how to utilize the right resources from the plethora of information available. However, if you are searching on an unfamiliar country, the due diligence process can be a long and daunting venture. We will review available databases and open sources for a variety of countries to conduct international due diligence and background checks. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Unique Search Tools Webinar: 90 minutes – July 12, 2018

Go beyond generalized Google searches and learn unique search tools specific to investigative needs. Participants will learn new search engine resources and how to properly conduct advanced Internet and social media searches for people, non-profits, and more. How to track down older online material will also be covered. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: OSINT 6: Open Source Intelligence—Start to Finish: 360 minutes – August 7-9, 2018

This webinar provides a field investigator the tools to conduct open source intelligence investigations: learn the types, differences, and jargon of open source investigations; learn how to in-take an online case, understand the parameters of the work, establish goals, and create investigative notes C.Y.A. (Cover Your Analysts!); learn best practices on how to use a computer and the resources available on the Internet and social media; understand when to use surface, deep, or dark web to locate your information; understand documentation procedures for creating sharp and understandable reports; and learn the fundamentals of conducting online investigations ethically. Read More >

Recorded Webinar: Social Media Investigations & Monitoring: 60 minutes, September 6, 2018

Going beyond identifying your targets and locating their social media accounts, we will expand on how to open every aspect of social media to explore where key information can be hidden or overlooked. Capturing these attributes of social media, can enable you to find key information for your case. We will evaluate and review several free and fee-based resources on the market for monitoring social media. Read More >

Recorded Webinar Dark Web Undercover, 60 minutes – November 8, 2018

Dark web has the star quality of a Hollywood movie, but in reality, it’s a den of inequity operated by the technically sophisticated. The more “google’ized” we’ve become as investigators, the less we understand what’s going on behind the scenes and how to operate in this nefarious world. This class will introduce the dark web and channels used to institute private sales and exchanges. Read More >